Primary school project in collaboration with Costa Foundation

Jerusalen de minaro

School in Peru

Picture this: A man from a coastal town moves to a jungle and it is love at first sight. He falls in love with a woman and decides to stay. You must be thinking, this must be an incredible forest or an incredible love. It’s a little bit of both.

Let us tell you a short story about Caleb, who many years ago moved to the Peruvian jungle. He fell in love with a Nomatchigenga woman, who became the mother of their five children, the forest, the native people and their traditions. He decided to settle down in a small, old-world village inthe province of San Martina de Pangoa. There he became a coffee farmer and as a member of the Coffee Growers Association, he slowly started to adopt local ways in his everyday life.

A perfect story plot would have Caleb living happily ever after, but life is not perfect, and this is not that kind of story. A few years ago, Caleb’s wife passed away. He then had to figure out how to raise five kids on his own, and did not have enough money to give them all a proper education. In this moment of crisis, Calebhad to reinvent himself to survive and raise his children the best way he could.

Costa Foundation realised that the community’s children were not getting a proper education and decided to build a school in the region. In partnership with Prodelsur Peru (our sister company), they financed the construction of the Jerusalen de Minaro Primary School. The design led and implemented by Marta from Semillas (a local NGO) included 8 classrooms, a kitchen and canteen, sanitation, a room for teachers, a playground, water supply and electricity. The school opened in July 2018. Soon after, Marta received the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture for 2018 for the design.

Caleb got involved in the construction of this new school for the native community, and got a job as the site supervisor of the construction. In addition to his coffee farm, he secured an extrasource of income and an education for his children. His dedication and love for the community led to him being named a community leader by the locals. In their eyes and hearts, he was nota stranger anymore. He was one of them. The stranger had become a mentor thanks to his involvement in and dedication to the empowerment of the village. So, it was a love story after all!

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